Apply For Free Access to Brain Builder Beta 

For select applicants we are giving free access to the beta tool.  Brain Builder Beta  is the most powerful  annotation tool to build AI datasets. It's easy-to-use platform was created for users with little to no experience creating AI solutions. 

What you can expect from being an early adopter of Neurala's Brain Builder tool:

  • Increased Data Accuracy: Increased annotation precision with state-of-the-art tagging tool, compared to the low accuracy but most common method of tagging, bounding boxes
  • Advanced data protection and privacy: Run in the cloud or host on a server behind a firewall with practically limitless scope in terms of size and recoverability
  • Project Analytics & Statistics Dashboard: View analytics and stats such as image count, classes, and polygons across all of your projects or on a project-by-project basis
  • DNN Data Ready Export: Export your annotated data from Brain Builder in multiple formats to quickly train models in 3rd party frameworks such as TensorFlow and Caffe

Alpha Client Testimonial:

“Brain Builder saved our team time because the tool is extremely intuitive to use. The platform didn’t require extensive guidelines, training or oversight. The annotation tools aid accuracy and efficiency when you have multiple layers and complex images to annotate. This helped our team work quickly and with agility. We’ve annotated tens of thousands of images with Brain Builder so far." - Sapana Karki, Project Manager, CloudFactory