Demystifying AI With Our Experts


According to PwC, only half of executives have an active AI strategy, and only 4% said that they’ve successfully implemented the technology. However, Deloitte has found that more than 42% of executives believe within 2 years AI will be of “critical importance.”

Not only are executives woefully unprepared, but worldwide there are only 22,000 PhD-educated researchers working on AI. For 60 minutes we want to give YOU access to 4 AI experts from the Neurala R&D team who have successfully deployed game-changing AI solutions for enterprise companies. We’re enlisting them to help you learn from their biggest mistakes and achievements.

Hear their answers to your questions and the top 5 questions we get asked by prospects and customers: 

-What are the biggest mistakes people make when using datasets to train AI solutions?  
-I have data to train a DNN, now what? 
-How much trial and error should I expect as I launch an AI strategy?  
-What’s the biggest problem when going from research to commercial deployment?
-How do I prevent data bias?


Submit your questions here or by sending your questions prior to the webinar to marketing@neurala.com. Note: The likelihood your question will be answered will be greater if you submit your question beforehand.  


The Panelists


unknown circle  

Dr. Matt Luciw, Principal Robotics and AI Vision Engineer  [bio]

santiago circle  

Dr. Santiago Olivera, Lead AI Intelligence Engineer  [bio]

abhiskek circle-3  

Abhishek Gaur, Deep Learning Engineer  [bio]

Jeremy circile-2   

Dr. Jeremy Wurbs, Lead AI Intelligence Engineer  [bio]